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    Laravel Development

Freelance PHP & JS Developer

Laravel & Magento


Laravel is a popular PHP Framework which implements an MVC pattern. Websites built with Laravel are scalable, fast with well-organized code. Custom Laravel PHP applications can be built rapidly using Laravel's built in functionality such as the Eloquent ORM. It also offers a clean seperation of logic and presentation using the Blade templating engine.

I offer web hosting on my Dedicated Server. If you would like to host your website on my server and have me manage it please contact me. If you are interested in hosting yourself I recommend getting a VPS or Dedicated Server with Bluehost. They have great latency and excellent technical support.

Our Promise

Modern Websites

I make websites that jive with the times. I will use HTML5 and CSS3 and not support IE8 or less unless required. Creating responsive websites is a high priority. I'll use responsive CSS so your website mutates for the client its been requested from.


Your website could be shown on hundreds of different devices, ranging from phones to iMacs. Let's make sure your site displays well on them and every size in between.

Bootstrap based

I leverage Twitter Bootstrap 3 to integrate a CSS grid system into your stylesheets. Not only will integrating this framework make your website responsive, it includes extensive eye candy from icon fonts, sliders and more.

MVC Architecture

I only create websites using MVCs such as Laravel, Symfony, Magento or others. Leveraging PHP frameworks cuts development time and ensures you have organized code in the back-end.


Meet Anthony

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC. Anthony is an avid Linux user with a deep interest in PHP & JavaScript frameworks. Anthony is also programming trainer on Youtube with over 140 tutorials there, including two playlists dedicated to CodeIgniter. He is a full stack developer focusing equally on the front end and back end.

  • Anthony Vipond
    Senior PHP & JS Developer

    Specialties: PHP 5.3+, Laravel 3 & 4, Symfony 2, jQuery, jQuery UI, Core JS, HTML & CSS, Bootstrap 3, SASS, MySQL, Database Design, Linux System Administration (CentOS and Ubuntu)